Residential Mortgages

Your dream home is only
one step away

Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving home or remortgaging,
or even releasing equity from your home for investment, our
residential mortgages team is ready to support your ambitions.

We understand that your needs are unique and that’s why
we offer a bespoke service to every client.

Our Simple Process to Success

Whether you are looking for a residential mortgage, buy to let, commercial or mortgage protection our process is simple.


Get to Know You:

We run through a detailed fact find and really get to understand you and your borrowing needs.


Market Research:

We research the market including options that are not available on the high street to match your particular needs with lending options.

Your Options:

We present you with our findings, mortgage options, and explain in detail the pros and cons of each option. We answer any questions you may have.

We Support You:

We’re here to offer advice, support, and help all the way through the process to your final decision.


The Paperwork:

We complete all of the paperwork for you and manage all the communications with the lender so that you don’t have to, and we’ll help you answer any additional queries.


Mortgage Secured:

We keep in touch for as long as you need support. Our after-sales care is second to none, and we know that you may have some questions afterward. So we’re here for as long as you need our advice.

First Time Buyer

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion buying your first home right? It’s exciting, you’re getting on the property ladder, and you’ll be able to make your home..well, your’s! But it’s scary at the same time, and the mortgage market seems like a minefield of complexity!

Here at Liddle Perrett we understand your fears and your excitement, and we work alongside you every step of the way. No question is too small, and we always go the extra mile to help!


Moving Home

You might need a larger home for a growing family, extra space for an elderly family member, or moving for work. Or maybe you need to downsize if you’ve fallen on difficult financial circumstances or a bereavement. Your children may have flown the nest and it’s time to release some equity to realise your retirement plans. There are endless reasons why you might be moving home.

We learn everything about your reasons for moving so that not only can we find the best borrowing options for you, but so that we can offer an appropriate level of support and assistance.


Are you coming off a fixed rate term? Or maybe planning to build an extension to your family home? Remortgage options are many and varied and depend on numerous factors like property value, loan to value and your income. But the full story isn’t just about numbers, and we can speak directly to underwriters if they have queries so that you secure the very best deal for your mortgage.

Releasing Equity

You would typically release equity through a mortgage, but you might need this equity for purposes other than building an extension. Perhaps raising capital to develop a property portfolio, or to start or buy into a business. Or maybe to consolidate debts. Whatever the reasons we work through our simple process to understand your needs and get to know you, and search for the very best borrowing options for you.

Our clients are very happy to work with us

The high level of service and passion to ensure the best deal was achieved and best advice given.

A great firm knowledgeable, friendly and is amazing at explaining their products to the un trained ear.

David Liddle was infinitely helpful with obtaining my first mortgage deal and then remortgaging two years later.