Commercial Mortgages

Building your Business Interests
with the Right Finance

Are you purchasing commercial property for your business or business buy to let basis,
or need to finance your existing business operations?
Commercial mortgages could be a viable option to finance your business objectives.
Our commercial mortgage specialists can work with you to identify your requirements
and find the right finance for your business.

How we Support your Commercial Mortgage Borrowing Options

We only provide a bespoke service because we know that all of our commercial clients have very different business objectives and finance requirements. So we’ve put a process in place that means that we can tailor our support for your business.



We work with you to fully understand your business, your aims and objectives, and whether a commercial mortgage is the best finance option for you. 

We are unable to provide you with advice on commercial mortgages. However, we can introduce you to an authorised and regulated Financial Adviser who can provide you with specialist advice



We work with a comprehensive panel of lenders for the best options for your borrowing needs. We’ll look at lenders on and off the high street, and we are able to access finance that isn’t available directly to companies. This is a specialist field and our knowledge and industry insights really come to bear here.


Your Options:

We’ll present you with a range of suitable options that will help your business to achieve its aims. Whether that’s property purchase, or financing a business or capital investment.



We maintain our relationships because we firmly believe that working in partnership with our clients is the best way to support you with your existing finance, and when you are looking to grow and invest. We really get to know our clients and we value our relationships.

Buying Your Business Premises

A commercial mortgage is the only way to purchase premises for your business unless you are able to pay cash for it. Typically the deposit will be higher than a residential mortgage, so your business will need to find capital to cover this. There are a number of other criteria, like the health of your business, profitability, and so on. During our discovery with you, we will run through all of the criteria that lenders want borrowers to meet. Once we have that we build a picture of your business for lenders to assess and bring the options back to you.

Commercial Buy to Let

Residential buy to let properties have their particular criteria, as do commercial buy to let properties. Lenders will assess the rentable value and return on investment that you are likely to get along with a number of other criteria. Our commercial mortgage team works closely with you and the lender as your intermediary so that your time isn’t spent away from your business interests. Our expertise and partnerships mean that we have built up a network in the market that we can go to with your borrowing proposition.

Raising Capital from Property

If you have an existing property with equity and want to raise capital over around £25,000 a commercial mortgage may be your best option. You might be financing equipment, capitalising a business, or buying another one. There are a number of reasons why. Our team will work through our process to help you create your borrowing proposal to take out to the lenders for options. The expertise in our commercial mortgage team is considerable, and we work tirelessly to match the best finance options with your business objectives.

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