Heraclitus who was a Greek philosopher said “There is nothing permanent except change” and your existing protection plans are a great example.

Taking out protection for yourself and your family is a great choice but not reviewing it regularly means that your plan can be left behind and not continue to offer the peace of mind that it was originally intended to.

Critical illness cover can be a financial lifeline for you and your family if you are unlucky enough to get cancer, have a heart attack or a stroke for example but older plans don’t necessarily offer the same cover that their newer counterparts do.

If a plan is 10 years old it may have less than 30 conditions covered, the average is now 60 and some even cover over 100!

Liddle Perrett Ltd can review your existing cover to make sure it has kept pace with medical changes and advances over the years and won’t leave you unable to claim when you most need it.

Income protection which is designed to pay out if you can’t work due to accident or illness, can keep a roof over your head but older plans may mean that the plan won’t payout if you can do a different type of job even if it pays less.

New plans cover you if you can’t do your own job and can also include rehabilitation help, cover if you fracture a bone, as well as many other options that can be there to help you when you need it.

It’s worth checking life cover as well. Perhaps you were a smoker when you took out your cover but now you have given up? Perhaps if you have your own limited company you can even get the tax man to help pay for it! Why pay more than you need to?

Let Liddle Perrett Ltd review your plans for you, we can potentially save you money, ensure you have the best possible cover and keep that peace of mind for you.

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