In our latest blog we look at the pros and cons of remortgaging or moving house. There could be any number of reasons why you might have to make this decision, but top amongst them is the need for more room. Perhaps you have a growing family, or an elderly parent might need some extra support and you want to have them stay with you.

Or you simply want to increase the space you have.

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, and is one of the most stressful things that you can do. So why put yourself through it if you don’t have to?

On the other hand, getting the builders in for what could be many months with the dust, the noise and the disruption could be just as stressful.

So what are the benefits of making home improvements?

  • You increase the value of your home
  • The costs are lower-there’s no stamp duty, conveyancing fees or other associated costs
  • You can design exactly what you want to suit your family (planning permission permitting of course)
  • This represents value for money and could give you more than what you could afford if you move
  • You don’t have to go through a lengthy process of finding your next home
  • In the long term you will increase the value and equity in your property
  • But there are some pitfalls

  • Architects’ fees and planning applications can be expensive and you may be somewhat limited in what you can do by local planning policies
  • You will need to arrange your builders and trades, costs and quotes depending on whether you project manage yourself or include it in your budget for your chosen construction company
  • Dust. Lots and lots of dust.
  • In the short term your investment in your property will increase the value of your property but it may not increase by more than what you have invested so your equity could reduce

    Whatever choice you make it’s one that needs careful thought and planning. Here at Liddle Perrett we understand just how stressful remortgaging can be and how difficult it is to make the right decisions. Our knowledge, experience and helping hand means that not only will we find you the best mortgage product for your needs, but we’ll help to reduce the stress and even the paperwork to make your experience as straightforward as possible.