If you’re a small business owner, have you ever considered offering your employees Private Medical Insurance? Perhaps you’re thinking of ways to keep your staff happy and offering an incentive for future recruitment? With this in mind, it’s time to learn the benefits that Private Medical Insurance can bring.

According to a CBI survey, small businesses have seen the best results when offering medical insurance to their staff for many reasons you may be interested to know.

Expanding Availability

For the majority of us, private care can potentially be out of reach financially. Where the long wait to get that troublesome tooth ache or back pain can take its toll, not to mention the possible long wait when treated by the NHS.

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This approach can see an employee valued and treated with care and consideration. In addition, expanding the availability of Private Medical Insurance can ultimately give a greater benefit to the individual and their family.

Hold Fast To That Which Is Good

As the Bible scripture of Romans 12:9 tell us: ‘hold fast to what is good’ – this testament still resonates with many employers in this day and age, especially when many businesses will potentially welcome new ideas to retain key members of staff for the long haul. This approach can eradicate extra cost for training a new employee and ultimately being surrounded by a good team of people that want to get the job done.

Employees will potentially feel more inclined to demonstrate a desire to stay at a job and in turn boost their productivity through these additional perks. Particularly health insurance, which shows a dedication to the individual’s well being is highly appreciated by members of staff.

While providing staff with private healthcare can possibly be a large investment, the alternative can see your company paying out more money when recruiting new staff that may not fit the bill of the previous employee… if it costs X but leads to greater productivity, it becomes commercially viable, right?

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Arranging a private medical plan through Liddle Perrett can offer the flexibility to choose which benefits are important to you, so you can tailor your health insurance to suit you.

Private Medical Insurance is also available for companies and protecting your employees could also be argued as an additional benefit enabling directors, senior management and other staff to get back to work more quickly as a result of receiving more immediate treatment, which makes the business more profitable as a result.

We’re able to give you the peace of mind knowing you and your family or company’s health and well being can be taken care of promptly and without fuss is just one of the many benefits of private medical insurance.

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