Wherever you go, or wherever you don’t go come to that – Social Media is everywhere. From selfies to memes, it might all seem like harmless fun. However, Social Media might be causing a potential threat to your insurance policies when away from your property.

The first thing you might do when you jet off on holiday is to upload a picture on Facebook, or taking that sun-kissed, filtered selfie on Instagram. Although you think it might be a good idea to update your followers with your plans, these actions could not only increase the risk of an intruder breaking in, it could cause your insurance policy to be negated.

Burglars may use your Social Media which will tell them that you’re not at home – resulting in an easy steal of any belongings that take the eye. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to take reasonable care in securing your home and its possessions, which includes being discreet about any holidays. Advertising you are away from your property may be viewed as reckless by insurers which could potentially invalidate policyholders’ cover.

At Liddle Perrett we advise you that posting holiday photos on social media could leave you more vulnerable to a burglary and even worse, your household insurer may not pay out if goods are stolen from your property.

Whilst we all can’t wait to get away from the routine of work and home life, as well as enjoying a good holiday snap to show off to our friends/followers, it is a case of ensuring you are aware of the possible terms and conditions of your policy.

Don’t let careless Social Media posts sink your Insurance ship, that could instead be sailing away to your desired destination!

Source: ‘On holiday? Don’t tell social media’

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