Football is known as the beautiful game, but the amount of money thrown around across clubs at home and abroad has arguably spoilt the game. At one end of the wages scale of the sport you have Premiership footballers making millions in a matter of minutes and at the other, lower league clubs reliant on survival through sponsorship and fan’s spending.

After all, why would a Premier League Footballer worry too much about their mortgage spending? Hypothetically they could buy a whole street without feeling much of a dent in their wallet – but what about the rest of us?

While it’s no surprise that the likes of Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy won’t be submitting a mortgage application anytime soon, professional sportspeople are essentially self-employed with complex incomes, and we know that sometimes, the high street isn’t their biggest fan.

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Unfortunately for most athletes, their professional career journey is that of a short-lived experience, whether it be on a football field, tennis court or boxing ring. Some will carve out a career in the media as TV and radio pundits, earning good salaries long into retirement – albeit often on a freelance or self-employed basis.

Perhaps the only sporting chance that borrowers with financial complexities have to secure funds will soon be found in the specialist market.

In addition, to lend successfully in the current climate you will need to be pragmatic, understand the profile of the borrower and the risk and common-sense view. If that means adapting to the world as it is now, then so be it.

A one size mortgage for all obviously doesn’t work, but neither, in my view, does excluding borrowers who have complex, but nonetheless valid incomes.

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